The Token That Fights Crypto Scammers

The $SPY token, created by SpyWolf, aims to eliminate monetary fraud in the crypto space and help investors gain their trust back through an ecosystem of helpful resources.

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Official Security Partner of

A Token with a Purpose

How Does Holding $SPY
Help The Crypto Space?

When you hold our token, you are directly contributing into the search, tracking and potentially stopping of crypto criminals and their future projects as well as helping alert the community about potential scams and educate them on how to identify them, while getting a financial incentive for holding long-term.

Find & Stop Crypto Criminals

While this won’t be an easy task, there are plenty of ways to identify scammers’ identities and track their moves. Our full-time investigation team will focus on finding as much information as possible about these perpetrators to eventually present the evidence to our network of crypto-focused lawyers to assist us into taking legal action against them.

Less Scams, More SAFU Projects

Our experts take pride in being able to identify most scams before they happen. We will have dedicated researchers go through most of the daily scheduled launches and perform a quick analysis to find anything suspicious and add all their findings to our upcoming portal. We will also feature known scams, “most likely” safe tokens and all projects certified by us.

Financial Incentive for Holders

We have created plenty of financial incentives that will make holding $SPY attractive to new investors. From receiving reflections in BNBs, to adding profits that come from our paid audits and portal’s ad space back into the LP, and even an upcoming NFT project that rewards $SPY holders. Our goal is to bring money in from many angles to keep a healthy chart!

Giving Back to
The Community

We have developed more ways for our holders to earn more tokens while they contribute to our cause.

Bounty Program

Bounty Program

Have inside information about a potential scam? Know a dev who stole money or is planning on stealing from investors? Or know of a scam that occurred that we have not heard about? We’ll pay you a bounty in $SPY as long as you send specific proof by filling out our private form. If the info is accepted, we’ll transfer you tokens instantly. The juicier the information, the bigger your reward!

'Scam Survivor' Charity

'Scam Survivor' Charity

It breaks our heart hearing our members telling us they were rugpulled, scammed or tricked into sending money to the wrong person. This is why we want to help raise the morale of our holders by weekly airdropping an amount of tokens to the first 100 members that hold tokens that belonged to a past scam. Just fill out our contest form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Token Sale


BEP-20 Contract Address:

Private Sale:

9,000,000,000 Tokens
107 BNB Hard Cap
15% Cheaper than Presale

Presale (Whitelist)

18,000,000,000 Tokens
500 BNB Hard Cap
7% Cheaper Than Launch

Total Supply:

100,000,000,000 Tokens

Initial Liquidity:

343 BNB (100% Locked)

Buy/Sell Tax

3% LP
3% BNB rewards
3% Marketing

Private Sale

9,000,000,000 Tokens

18% Presale – 42% Launch

60,000,000,000 Tokens


20,000,000,000 Tokens


6,000,000,000 Tokens


3,000,000,000 Tokens


2,000,000,000 Tokens
Token Sale

Join the
SpyWolf Network

SpyWolf.Network is a web portal that showcases both free content as well as future exclusive features that will be accessible by token holders. From exposing multi-token scams to posting all the potential scams being released and even projects we consider trusted. Our full-time researchers will take care of all the due diligence for you!

Scam Investigations

We come across tons of scams on a daily basis. Some are multi-million dollar, multi-project scams and some are smaller teams that just want to take advantage of investors. We’ll have a dedicated section with the many scams we are investigating with a brief analysis and case status.

Trusted Projects

Our team has been in the crypto game for a long time, we know a good project and team when we see them. We also belong to a big network of trusted devs and investors that makes identifying safe projects extremely easy. With the help of our research team and auditors, we’ll showcase an exclusive list of projects that are “most likely” safe to invest in. Of course, always DYOR!

Potential Scams

Our team will browse through the daily token releases and do a brief analysis to find any obvious red flags. We’ll add all the upcoming projects with a harmful score that will help you make better decisions when doing your own research and avoid falling for the usual scams.

Projects Certified by SpyWolf

Because we are an auditing company, we analyze, certify and KYC tons of projects. Teams that are trustworthy are a dime a dozen and they deserve to be seen by the community. We’ll provide a list of these tokens that even though they have already been launched, many have a lot of potential to grow while providing a safety net to their investors.



*Roadmap subject to change

Q3 2021

Auditing & Scam Hunting

SpyWolf was born
Project-auditing & KYCs
Grow SpyWolf community
$SPY token development

Q4 2021

Launch Project

Private/public presale
Pre-launch marketing
Launch $SPY token
Rewards tracker
V1 SpyWolf Network portal

Q1 2022

Scam Hunting & Resources

Advanced portal features
Portal ad space/promotions
Merch store
Scam investigation platform
Utility NFT collection launch

Q2 2022


First exchange listing
New portal features (users/project owners)
Polishing processes and operations

Q3 2022

SpyWolf Academy

Online course platform

Q4 2022




What are the long-term goals of SpyWolf and the $SPY token?

We want to help eliminate crypto scams and educate the community about how to avoid them through releasing useful tools, growing our community and launching platforms that will focus on safety, while becoming one of the biggest crypto security companies in the market.

Is the team Doxxed? Why are you not using your photos?

Some team members are public and some don’t need to be, as they work in the background auditing and investigating. We will dox more as we see fit, but the team that is focused on managing the token operations are public and have posted many videos in our Telegram channel.

Note: We use those profile photos wearing masks because they are awesome!

I saw NFTs are part of the roadmap. What's the deal with that?

We want to bring in more incentives to hold our token and having a series of NFT fair launches will bring a huge financial incentive to our holders. We are currently developing our own platform that will mint and reward our holders as well as attract new investors. It will be released 2 weeks after launch. More info to come!

Will you still perform audits?

Yes, we currently have salespeople focusing on selling audits to projects. This will benefit the token greatly as we will add a percentage of the proceeds into the LP as a buy back feature. Also, this will provide us with plenty of free marketing as projects love sharing our NFT certificates to their communities!

Which network is $SPY on?

We are releasing our token through the Binance Smart Chain network, due to the low fees. Eventually, we will expand to other networks.

How do I buy $SPY?

You can currently buy $SPY on the PancakeSwap exchange.

How do I get BNB rewards?

Simply holding $SPY will earn you a share of the BNB rewards pool (Once every hour), proportional to the amount of $SPY you hold.

Can you explain the team/marketing/investigations wallets?

Absolutely, here is the information:

Team: Salaries for core team and for new team members added for development of the different platforms, auditing, social media, content, moderating and sales.

Marketing: This wallet will be used for all marketing expenses to promote our project to new markets as well as for our charity and bounty program payments.

Investigation: This wallet will cover the cost of our investigation team that will work 24/7 researching potential scams, helping the community with project research questions and connecting and hiring legal teams across the world to review and initiate a case if they see fit.

Who do I contact for marketing or partnership opportunities?

You can reach out to us at contact@spywolf.co.

Let's stop crypto scams, together.