We believe a "whitepaper" should be easy to read and simply help you understand how the project works. We hope the following information provides that. Let's start with the basics.


SpyWolf is a team of crypto security experts that have been performing audits for projects for a few months in order to ensure safety on the crypto space. We started noticing so many people were being scammed over and over without anybody they could reach out to. No laws or rules available, allowing any criminal to trick investors into stealing their hard-earned money with just a few clicks.

People lack the knowledge to prevent from falling for obvious scams. The space is too new and criminals are taking advantage of that.

Due to our experience identifying red flags and potential scams, we decided to start our own "safe space" for the community to seek help and learn how not to fall for scams while allowing them to invest in safer projects. After our channel grew significantly, we decided to turn our community into a bigger project to reach as many people as possible that could use all the help we were providing, while also providing some unique tools to help them invest safely.

This is how the SPY token was born. A utility token that will focus on reducing crypto scams as well as providing resources to the community that will focus on their safety and security.

What problems is $SPY trying to solve?

- Eliminating or at least reducing the amount of crypto scams that occur by finding and trying to put a stop to scammers
- Educating the community on how to avoid malicious projects
- Helping the crypto community to make better decisions when choosing a project to invest in by providing online resources

$SPY Details

The $SPY token, created by SpyWolf, is aimed to eliminate monetary fraud in the crypto space and help investors gain their trust back through an ecosystem of helpful resources.

Ticker: $SPY
Contract address: 0xC2D0f6b7513994A1Ba86CEf3AAc181a371A4CA0c
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Available on: Pancakeswap.finance
Tax: 9% (buy/sell)
Note to presale investors: you will be able to claim your tokens on launch day through Pinksale’s platform.
SpyWolf Ecosystem

What are $SPY's Utilities?

1. Scam Investigations

We have a full-time team researching, finding and tracking crypto scammers on a daily basis to gather as much information as possible about these criminals to present all the information to our network of lawyers (Currently located in North America and Europe) to work with authorities in those areas to take legal action against them.

Also, we are in talks with Binance Legal Team and Typhoon Network to allow us to use their resources to help us with our investigations. 

How do we benefit from this?

1. We gain massive exposure in the eyes of the press as the ONLY company going after crypto scammers.
2. If our lawyers can settle a deal with the perpetrators before involving the authorities and some or all money gets returned to the original investors, we believe that community will join the SpyWolf army as well, resulting in tons of new investors of SPY.

2. SpyWolf Network

SpyWolf Network

The Spy Network is a web portal (to be released on launch day) that will showcase both free content as well as exclusive features only accessible by token holders. From exposing multi-project scams to posting all the potential scams being released and even projects we consider safe. Our full-time researchers will take care of all the due diligence for you!

Scam investigations

We come across tons of scams on a daily basis. Some are multi-million dollar, multi-project scams and some are smaller teams that just want to take advantage of investors. We’ll have a dedicated section with the many scams we are investigating with a brief analysis and case status.

Low-risk projects

Our team has been in the crypto game for a long time, we know a good project and team when we see them. We also belong to a big network of trusted devs and investors that makes identifying safe projects extremely easy. We’ll showcase an exclusive list of projects that are “most likely” safe to invest in with a score. Of course, always DYOR!

Potential Scams

Our team will browse through the daily token releases and do a brief analysis to find any obvious red flags. We’ll add all the upcoming projects with a harmful score that will help you make better decisions when doing your own research and avoid falling for the usual scams.

Projects Certified by SpyWolf

Because we are an auditing company, we analyze, certify and KYC tons of projects. Teams that are trustworthy are a dime a dozen and they deserve to be seen by the community. We’ll provide a list of these tokens that even though they have already been launched, many have a lot of potential to grow while providing a safety net to their investors.

Future Features

  • For investors
  • - Wallet tracker
  • - Seeing all user's tokens and the overall value in a user friendly way
  • - Ability to search contracts and see safe score
  • For project owners
  • - Liquidity locker
  • - Project profiles
  • - Voting
  • - Ad space

3. Bounty Program

Our bounty program will help us speed up our investigation processes and will consist in rewarding anybody that has specific information about a recent scam or potential scam. Our point system will determine how much the reward will be based on how crucial the information is.

You will need to fill out our private bounty form with the specific information you found for us to review. If we believe it is valuable, we will airdrop you an amount of $SPYs. The juicier the information, the bigger your reward!

These are some of the things we will looking for:

  • Malicious code
  • Red flags
  • - Cloned websites
  • - Wallets used in previous scams
  • - Fake team photos and videos
  • - Devs selling for personal profit
  • Inside information from previous or future scams

4. "Scam Survivor" Charity

It breaks our heart hearing our members telling us they were rugpulled, scammed or tricked into sending money to the wrong person. This is why we want to help raise the morale of our holders by weekly airdropping an amount of tokens to the first 100 members that hold tokens that belonged to a past scam. Just fill out our contest form and we’ll take care of the rest.

How will it work?

1. You must have tokens from a previously known honeypot or rugpull

2. You must fill out the request form as soon as it goes live and provide a link to where we can see your scammed tokens

3. The first 100 users, will receive an equally amount of $SPY tokens

4. The form will go live every Monday at 3PM UTC

Future Additions

- Launchpad (Q1 2022): Platform for launching projects through us safely.

- SpyWolf Academy (Q3/Q4 2022): Online learning platform with videos lessons on crypto safety and token development.


This token will be initially released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

  • Private sale
  • - Amount raised: 107 BNBs
  • - Price: 15% cheaper than presale price
  • Presale
  • - Amount raised: 500BNBs
  • Total supply: 100 billion tokens
  • Initial liquidity: 343 BNBs (100% locked)
  • Initial market cap: $600K (Estimate)
  • Token distribution
  • - 9% private sale
  • - 18% presale
  • - 42% for launch
  • - 20% will be burned
  • - 6% team wallet 
  • - 3% marketing wallet 
  • - 2% investigation wallet

Our Wallets

We want to be as transparent as possible and show our invest what are the funds being used for. As you may know, we have tons of development, researching and consulting attached to our utilities and require to have multiple members dedicated to specific tasks. Please see our wallets below.

Team Wallet (6%)
Salaries for core team + new team members added for development of the different platforms, auditing, social media, content, moderating and sales.
Marketing Wallet (3%)This wallet will be used for all marketing expenses to promote our project to new markets as well as for our charity and bounty program payments.
Investigation Wallet (2%)This wallet will pay for our 24/7 research team looking for potential scams, assisting the community with project research questions and partnering up with lawyers across the world to review and initiate a case if they see fit. (Starting with North America and Europe)


  • Q3 2021 - Auditing & Scam Hunting
  • - SpyWolf was born
  • - Project-auditing & KYCs
  • - Grow SpyWolf community
  • - $SPY token development
  • Q4 2021 - Launch Project
  • - Private/public presale
  • - Pre-launch marketing
  • - Launch $SPY token
  • - Publish SpyWolf Network portal
  • - NFT collection fair launch
  • Q1 2022 - SpyWolf Network V2 & Launchpad
  • - New portal features (+ Add dashboard)
  • - Portal ad space
  • - Merch store
  • - Launchpad
  • Q2 2022 - More Dashboard Features
  • - New dashboard features (users/project owners)
  • - Polishing processes and operations
  • Q3 2022 - SpyWolf Academy
  • - Online course platform
  • Q4 2022
  • - We will announce the plan for Q4 soon

SpyWolf NFTs (December 2021)

Our upcoming NFTs will be an addition to our plan to bring more financial incentives to our investors by releasing a set amount of random NFTs that will provide the opportunity to win unique NFTs that will have high value.

Our first fair launch of 10000 random NFTs is set to be released through our new platform on the Ethereum network in the first week of December and will feature rare NFTs and unique prizes.

A percentage of the profits will be added to the LP as a buy back feature.

This will add an exciting financial incentive to our community as well as attract outside investors

More details will be provided soon!

Launchpad (Q1 2022)

Our launchpad will be used to release safe projects certified and launched by us.

We will provide consulting, auditing, KYCs, promotion and launching of the token to ensure it is done in the safest way and bring trust to the project.

After we have checked every security measure possible to ensure the safety of investors, we hand over the project to the owners.

SpyWolf Academy (Q3 2022)

A new educational division of SpyWolf that will focus on video courses to teach the crypto community everything they need to know to invest safely with unique tips and tricks as well as helping crypto developers build and market their own projects without using any unethical practices and focusing on organic growth.


  • Learning Paths
  • - Follow a path based on your goals (learning the basics, advanced techniques on investing, analyzing contracts, creating contracts, launching tokens, etc)
  • Gamification
  • - Earn points that you can turn in to $SPYs by learning and taking courses. Prizes for the top leaderboard users.
  • Help the Community!
  • - Help answer community member's questions in the forum and earn points as well

SpyWolf's Professional Services

As a security company that has been offering services to crypto projects, we will continue to push our auditing services to become the number 1 trusted audit company in the crypto space. We have full time salespeople making sure they are reaching out to the top crypto projects out there in order to certify them and prove to their community they are safe.

10% of the proceeds will be added into the liquidity pool of $SPY as a buy back function.

1. Due Diligence Report

We analyze:

  • Team (Transparency, doxxing, engagement, number of members)
  • Website (age, code, content, design)
  • Social media (number of channels, content, engagement, member legitimacy)
  • Code (smart contract, team wallets, chart, transactions)

"Certificate of Trust" NFT

Our one-of-a-kind "Certificate of Trust" NFT proves the legitimacy of our audits as well as it serves as a great promotional material for the projects to show their communities that they are a safe project and that they have nothing to worry about.


2. KYC (Performed by our partners at Assure)

3. Token consulting and launch

Have an idea for a project and can't figure out how to launch it or market it? Our experts will guide you through the entire process from idea to success!

What's included:

  • Initial consulting
  • Contract creation
  • Tokenomics
  • Marketing consulting and execution
  • Social media marketing
  • Token deployment
  • Liquidity locking
  • Handing over project to the owner


Pinksale (pinksale.finance)

We have agreed to form a security partnership with the growing presale platform Pinksale to provide all the projects with a doxxed team (must have the KYC seal) with a complementary due diligence analysis that includes our NFT certificate (if they get a high score).

Assure (assuredefi.io)

We have entered a strategic partnership with Assure which we feel is going to potentially benefit both projects greatly as well as the DeFi space in general. We will be referring projects using our auditing services to Assure to utilize their KYC services and they will be referring their KYC clients to us for our auditing services. It’s time to get more projects safe and secure for all investors alike!

We are excited to be partnering with Assure as they share the same visions and objectives as us in wanting to make the crypto space safe for investors.

Meet the Team

Core Team

  • Joe (Founder - Scam Investigations)
  • Frank (Strategy)
  • Chris (Partnerships)
  • TJ (Technology)

Added Team Members

  • Wendell (Auditing)
  • Peter (Scam Research)
  • Sophia (Research) 
  • Goran (Research)
  • Tim (Content Writer)
  • Craig (Content Writer)
  • Douglas (Design)

Social Media & Resources

Contact us: contact@spywolf.co