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A full service crypto security firm based in the US


"We aim to eliminate fraud in the crypto space through our services"

How it all started...

SpyWolf is a team of crypto security experts that have been performing audits for projects for a few months in order to ensure safety on the crypto space. We started noticing so many people were being scammed over and over without anybody they could reach out to. No laws or rules available, allowing any criminal to trick investors into stealing their hard-earned money with just a few clicks.

People lack the knowledge to prevent from falling for obvious scams. The space is too new and criminals are taking advantage of that.

Due to our experience identifying red flags and potential scams, we decided to start our own "safe space" for the community to seek help and learn how not to fall for scams while allowing them to invest in safer projects. After our channel grew significantly, we decided to turn our community into a bigger project to reach as many people as possible that could use all the help we were providing, while also providing some unique tools to help them invest safely.

This is how SPYWOLF was born. A firm that purely focuses on reducing crypto scams as well as providing the best auditing services to the community.

Leadership Team

We have a global team of over 20 employees that help us reach our goals and grow everyday!









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