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Setting a Security Standard for
Token OwnersCrypto InvestorsLaunchpads & IDOsCrypto Influencers

We are a growing crypto security agency offering audits, KYCs and consulting services for some of the top names in the crypto industry.

Latest Clients

Monstro’s Degenz


a full-service crypto security firm



From our stylish and easy-to-read project audits, to our unique KYC certificates, you will have everything you need to show your community you are trusted.

Smart Contract Audits

KYC (Know Your customer)

Crypto Scam Investigations



From optimizing your ICO experience to delivering utility tokens and NFT platform, we have the experience and capabilities to provide unique crypto solutions tailored to your needs.

Custom Smart Contracts


Websites and Portals



Have an idea for a project and can't figure out how to launch it or market it? Our experts will guide you through the entire process from idea to success!

Project Planning & Analysis

Token Launching

Marketing Strategy

Using a Launchpad? Get Your Audit & KYC Badge!

Join Our Unique Crypto Research Portal

Our one-of-a-kind online portal serves at the perfect place to start doing your crypto research before investing in a project.

Research new tokens and add your own!

Avoid falling for potential and known scams

Find trusted and SAFU projects

Earn Our "Certificate of Trust" NFT!

For every project we considered safe, we award them our unique "Certificate of Trust" NFT so project owners can show to their communities they are a trusted and have long-term plans. To receive our NFT, you must:

Have our audit and KYC

Score at least 90/100 in our internal point system

Have a successful launch

Maintain a high level of transparency and trust within the community

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